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Choose from our predesigned furniture sets or let our designers choose for you. Most of our furniture is customizable and can be resized, rotated, color changed and adapted to different styles and layouts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix and match different pieces?

Yes, if you'd like to use a chair from one set and a table from another, etc... just mention it in your order notes.

Will the furniture will fit in my room?

Don't worry too much about the specific size of the furniture, just choose a style that you like. We'll resize furniture and add more or less items as needed.

Will you be adding more furniture?

We add more furniture options on a regular basis. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to find out when new sets are released.

Can I request different colors of the furniture?

You bet! Most of our new furniture can be changed to different color schemes just mention what you are looking for in your order notes.

I don't see any furniture I like.

Uh oh! Try to keep in mind that our goal is to show a general theme and to help sell/rent the property. Home staging is very different than interior decorating for personal preferences. Most of our furniture has been show to work very well and appeal to the majority of home buyers. Feel free to contact our team for some help on choosing a style.