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Virtual Staging Affiliate Program

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All you need to do is share your custom link. You can share it via email, on your website & more.


We send you a 25% commission for every order placed as a result of your affiliate link.

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We want to help real estate professionals all over the world sell homes faster and easier. We do that by helping home buyers make more informed decisions about one of the largest purchases of their life.

Join us on this mission and make some cash while you’re at it!

Here's How It Works

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When you sign up you’ll receive access to our affiliate area where you’ll get a special link that keeps track of visits and purchases. 

You’ll be able track your commission and see how many people click on your link and how many make a purchase.

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Our affiliates are photographers, home stagers, marketing agencies, virtual tour companies, real estate brokers, agents, and entrepreneurs.

The best way to promote virtual staging is to an existing audience or client base. Many create a page or link on their website, share on social networks, email their clients, and offer virtual staging as an additional service.


Each time someone signs up through your affiliate link their account will be linked to yours as the referrer. That means you’ll receive a commission for all of their orders, forever. They no longer have to click on your link after each purchase and you’ll receive a 25% commission on everything they buy – forever. This is unheard of in our industry.

We’ll pay-out your commission every 30 days via check, direct deposit, or PayPal.

Earn Virtual Staging Commission

We Do The Rest

Running a virtual staging company is complex. It involves everything from design to advanced CGI software, order intake and management, handling revisions, delivering photos, customer support, billing, and more.

The good news is, we do all of that for you. We invented virtual staging and are the industry leader — so your customers are in the best hands.

We’ll work directly with the clients you send to us and you can simply collect your earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a white-label program. In order to earn commission each referral must have their own account. So each client needs an account under their own email address.

Our affiliate program is designed this way for one main reason:

The value that we receive from our affiliates is in acquiring a new lead. With over 10 years of being in business we have a highly optimized sales & retention process that results in a better customer life-time value. This means we'll both make more by using our process, and customers will have one less middle man.

If you want to submit your customers' photos and style selections for them you can still do that. However, you should direct them to our sign up page so that they can create an account with their contact and payment information. You could also create the account with their information for them.

We believe this is the best outcome for everyone but if you have a different strategy in mind get in touch and lets discuss.

We sure do. You can download those here.

This allows time for refunds and any order adjustments.

Yes. The IRS requires we file a form 1099 for all of your yearly earnings and you'll receive a copy each year.

Great! Check out our Referral Program which gives you and your friend $40. You are also welcome to sign up for our affiliate program to receive cash.

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