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Physical Home Staging: $5,000
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7 or more
+$70/each additional

You can also purchase one photo for $80 or two photos for $160. Unused photos will become credits that never expire.

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featured in popular publications

“These came out better then I even imagined. You made a dated $225,000 condo look like $400,000. You’ve just earned a lifetime client.”

Todd Auslander
Keller Williams

My photos have furniture in them. Can they still be virtually staged?

We can remove existing furniture for an additional $85 per photo. This process can often take an additional 1-2 business days to complete. We’ll then virtually stage your photos as if the room was empty. In some cases we can add new furniture around existing furniture if you’d prefer not to remove it.

How can I print my photos?

We can provide small (8×12″) prints for $19, medium (12×24″) prints for $49 or large (20×30″) prints for $69 shipped to your door in as little as 2 business days. Shipping in the US is $13 for the entire order via next day air.
See our printing page for more details.

I’m not sure if my photos will work.

We can work with 95% of all photos that we come across. Just make sure your photo was taken at eye-level (not while standing on a ladder or steps or when kneeling on the floor). For best results the photographer should also not stand where furniture is likely going to be placed. You can read more photography tips in our photography guide. If you’re still unsure send us your photos and we’ll let you know if we can work with them.

Still have questions or just want to chat? Drop us a line: [email protected]