Why Virtual Staging?


Attract Attention

Home shoppers are drowning in a sea of listings. Today more than ever, it is easier to view thousands of homes for sale right from any computer or mobile device.

Your photos are the first thing they will see. Your photos are what will make them decide to schedule a showing or make an offer. Virtual staging is designed to make sure that your photos will look their best and resonate with viewers.


Save Money

Physical home staging is tiresome and costly. It requires hauling in large amounts of furniture, paying thousands of dollars up front and hundreds of dollars each month to rent furniture. Not to mention the possibility of damaging the floors and walls while moving all of that furniture around.

Instead of spending $3,000 - $5,000 to physically stage an average sized home you can now spend $200 - $500.

You'll save thousands of dollars in staging costs but you'll also gain thousands of dollars by selling more quickly and for more money.


Provide Value

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions we make. Not only is it a major investment, it's a place to call home and raise a family.

Virtual staging will help buyers make better and more informed decisions. They'll be able to visualize the true potential of a home and understand how it will feel as their home. Not as someone else's home or just four empty walls.

This is value provided that you'll be thanked and remembered for.


Be Unique

It seems like everyone today is getting in to real estate. Every real estate agent, developer, property manager and builder is grabbing for the attention of your clients. Why should they choose you?

Virtual staging has successfully helped many of our customers win new contracts and acquire new clients. Simply by showing that you have a unique edge and are marketing in the modern digital age, your potential customers will be more likely to choose you to work with.

Virtual Staging Solutions Logo

Why Virtual Staging Solutions?

Since 2009 virtual staging has been our core business. We brought virtual staging to market and continually innovate and improve on the idea. We guarantee that you won't find higher quality, more realistic photos or more personalized service.


100% Handcrafted in the USA

Don't be fooled by imitation services that outsource overseas and use bait and switch tactics. We show you up front our entire furniture library and actual samples of our recent work.


Tested & Approved

Our design strategy and furniture sets have been tested in nearly every city in the United States and hundreds of other countries around the world. Buyers, sellers, multiple listing services and some of the worlds largest real estate corporations have approved our work since 2009.

We run feedback studies, focus groups and A/B split test to determine the best design layouts and furniture that will appeal to the highest number of potential buyers.


Happiness Guaranteed

We're in this for the long haul. We don't run fancy ads or questionable marketing campaigns. Our business runs on word of mouth marketing and happy customers. We're not interested in taking money for something you are not happy with.

For that reason, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your final photos, we'll provide a full refund. No questions. No hassles.